Topical Pain Reliever Analgesic Ice Gel

About the Product

Pain relief rub Icy Relief is a proprietary pain relief formula that consists of ILEX, Boswellia, and Uncaria Tormentosa (Cats Claw/Una De Gato)

Pain relief analgesic ice gel Icy Relief relieves pain by creating a cooling sensation at the nerve level beneath the skin. This pain relief can last up to several hours because of the unique penetrating powers of the natural ingredients used; users report a deeper, longer lasting pain relief than conventional cooling gels. The ice analgesic gel cooling effect increases healing through relaxation of stiff and aching muscles.

Icy Relief analgesic gel is clear, greaseless, stainless, easy to apply, and holds no lingering odor.

Natural pain relief cooling gel Icy Relief with ILEX and Boswellia can effectively help relieve pain from:
Sore Muscles
Muscle Sprains and Muscular Strains
Back Pain, Shoulder and Neck Pain
Ankle, Knee, Hip and Elbow Joint Pain

Icy Relief can be used to relieve pain prior to
Ultrasound Treatment
Massage Therapy Treatment
Soft Tissue Trigger Point Therapy
Rehabilitation Exercise
Both Pre and Post Workout Stretching

Topical Pain Reliever Icy Relief is a FDA compliant nonprescription drug in the class referred to as topical analgesics. Topical analgesics are used for the temporary relief of pain. Icy Relief is an advanced alternative to other topical analgesics that are currently on the market.

Icy Relief is available in the following sizes and dispensers.


The roll-on ball can be used for massaging the area of pain at the same time the topical analgesic gel is applied. The roll on applicator allows for ease of application, which is very helpful for those with arthritic hands.

Four (4) oz Tube :

The 4oz Icy Relief Tube is preferred by customers and healthcare professionals that apply the pain relieving gel by hand during massage instead of the roll-on applicator. Some people prefer to apply the gel somewhat thicker for longer effects. The gel squeezes out for ease of application.

Gallon Pump Dispenser :

The gallon size Icy Relief pump is a favorite for clinic use by healthcare professionals.

Pain Relief Medication IcyRelief Analgesic Ice Gel
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